Rebecca Kling

Rebecca Kling is a Washington, D.C. based educator, community organizer, storyteller, and advocate for transgender rights. Since early 2016, Rebecca has been in Washington, DC, with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), first as the Community Storytelling Advocate and now as the Education Program Director. At NCTE, Rebecca works to elevate the voices of transgender people and allies. 

Prior to joining NCTE, Rebecca worked as a touring educator and performance artist, exploring gender and identity through solo performance pieces and educational workshops. Her multidisciplinary performances incorporated conversational storytelling, personal narrative, humor, and more. Rebecca firmly believes that understanding combats bigotry.

In 2013, Rebecca was named as part of the inaugural Trans 100, a list celebrating excellence in the transgender community. In 2014, she was named as one of the Guild Literary Complex’s 25 Writer’s to Watch. She has received praise from The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader, CitiBeat Cincinnati, Overly Theatrical, and elsewhere. Rebecca has spoken and performed at high schools, universities, theatre festivals, and conferences around the country including: the Chicago, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Cincinnati Fringe Festivals; Northwestern University; Columbia College; Butler University; Smith College; Bucknell University; Texas A&M at Commerce; the College of Charleston; the University of Maine; and the University of Southern California.

Rebecca’s writing has been published at Jezebel and The Guardian, in Chicago IRL issues 1 through 4, Bodies of Work, the Center for Classic Theatre Review, and elsewhere. Her book, No Gender Left Behind, was released in 2013.

She is a graduate from Northwestern University’s Department of Performance Studies with an Adjunct Major in Animate Arts. Her cats are named Meep and Moop, the best cats in the world. They have their own Instagram page.

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