Rebecca Kling is a transgender artist and educator interested in exploring the performance of gender and identity through performances and education workshops. Her multidisciplinary performances incorporate conversational storytelling, personal narrative, humor, movement, video projection, and more. Kling takes the position that sharing accessible queer narrative with a wide audience is a form of activism, and that understanding combats bigotry. She regularly tours her work to colleges, universities, and theater festivals across the United States, and in March of 2013 was named as part of the inaugural Trans 100, a list of transgender educators, artists, activists, and theorists who are pushing for trans visibility and trans rights.

Artistic Highlights

For a complete list of Rebecca Kling’s projects, click here.

Something Something New Vagina, Cincinnati and Chicago Fringe Festivals  |  Summer 2014

A solo performance about loving one’s self and one’s body. It’s also about a vagina: Rebecca Kling’s fancy new vagina. Kling was never one to call it clits and is ready to tackle issues of identity without ovary-acting.

Get Ready for the Vagina Fairy, Minnesota and Chicago Fringe Festivals  |  Summer 2013

Life as a transgender woman can be hilariously bizarre: oddball conversations, sex graphs, penis-scanning lasers and, of course, the Vagina Fairy.

Storms Beneath Her Skin, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota, Indianapolis, and Chicago Fringe Festivals  |  Summer 2012

An exploration of my identity and experience as a transgender woman , as well as apologies, surgery, the equations of sex, the weather (metaphorically speaking), boobs, and more.

Wild Bodies/Maverick Minds, directed by Erica Mott  |  Spring 2012

This piece examined the health of the queer body and the female body, both communal and individual, within our society.

No Gender Left Behind, Chicago, Kansas City and Indianapolis Fringe Festivals  |  Summer 2011

In the Fall of 2010, Rebecca Kling was fired from a teaching position for being a transgender woman. The experience left her wondering what America is teaching its children – and its adults – about gender, conformity, and being just a little bit different.

Uncovering the Mirrors, Chicago Fringe Festival  |  Fall 2010

In Uncovering the Mirrors, Rebecca Kling travels from her first explorations of gender at six years old, naked and uncomfortable in her body, to the Bar Mitzvah that gendered her as a “man,” from the hormones coursing through her blood, to a future as fragile as glass. Directed by Ethan Ucker, choreographed by Nicole Pellegrino.

Trans Form, Links Hall  |  Winter 2009

An evening of solo performance exploring Rebecca Kling’s life as a transgender woman in Chicago. This multimedia piece is perfect for anybody who thinks they have gender all figured out, and for the rest of us who don’t.

Ares and Aphrodite, Links Hall  |  Winter 2008

This piece explores the imposition of gender, from the mythic to the mundane. Part of the Charged Bodies workshop under the guidance of renowned performance artist Tim Miller.

Teaching Experience

Piven Theatre Workshop; 2003-Present  |  Lead Teacher

  • Lead middle- and high-school students through theatre games and exercises with a focus on storytelling and adaptation
  • Lesson planning for same age groups
  • Instruction of developing assistant teachers

Various high schools and universities; 2010-Present  |  Workshop Leader

  • Speaks to high school and university level students on topics pertaining to LGBT life experiences and encouraging a safe and diverse community.
  • Schools located throughout the US, including Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California

About Face Theatre; Chicago, IL, Summer 2009, 2010, 2011  |  Workshop Leader

  • Lead LGBT youth through theatre games and exercises with a focus on personal identity and storytelling


Trans 100  |  2013  |  Celebrating excellence in the trans* community

Guild Literary Complex’s 25 Writers to Watch  |  2014


Critical Fierceness Grant  |  2009  |  “A unique opportunity for queer artistic expression”

Illinois Arts Council Grant  |  2010

Chicago Community Artists Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant  |  2010


Northwestern University  |  Evanston, IL

Major in Performance Studies, Adjunct Major in Animate Arts

Minor in Computing and Information Systems

  • 3.83 Cumulative Grade Point Average, Dean’s List
  • Department of Performance Studies Honors Award