Rebecca’s Handouts

These handouts are used at workshops conducted by Rebecca. For information on bringing Rebecca to your school or organization, click here.

Trans 101 Links

None of these links were written by Rebecca, but she thinks they’re all well done and worth reading. As a reminder, there is no one “true” trans identity, or “right” way of being trans. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be taken with a major grain of salt.

Websites Created For Trans Folks

Being trans can be lonely. I highly recommend these websites as places for trans people to find a community of likeminded people.

  • We Happy Trans – “We Happy Trans was created so that trans people could share stories of positive experiences, so the wider world could see that like any other community, we too thrive, struggle, and overcome.”
  • Trans Oral History Project – “Our mission is to promote a diversity of stories from within the transgender and gender variant communities by supporting members of our community who wish to share their stories.”
  • Sugar and Spice – A trans-focused podcast hosted by Jen Richards (of the above-mentioned We Happy Trans) and Bailey Jay

Studies and Surveys

Historically, trans identities and issues were not considered worthy of respectful study. Such studies that did exist were often marred by bias or preconceived notions of gender. That trend has started to shift, with more and more reputable and respectful studies being conducted. As such, we are starting to gain a better picture of the issues facing trans people in North America and around the world.

Additional Resources

These resources aren’t specifically about trans or LGBT topics, but are still relevant to larger issues of activism and advocacy.