Trans 101: Diversity and Respect

Transgender individuals desire and deserve the same level of respect afforded to any other individual, and this ‘Trans 101’ workshop offers a working primer on transgender issues and experiences. Sprinkled with personal anecdotes and stories, and with ample time for questions and answers throughout, this is a perfect workshop for a community which wishes to embrace transgender issues with care and respect.


Trans 201: Exploring Gender and Identity

Do you already understand the basic definitions and ideas surrounding gender identity? Looking for a more nuanced discussion of issues of concern to the transgender and genderqueer communities? This interactive discussion-based workshop gives participants an opportunity to discuss their thoughts surrounding gender and identity, as well as to ask questions that probe gender, identity, presentation, and societal expectations of men and women.


Being an Ally to the Trans Community

A partnership study between the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that transgender individuals are at high risk of bullying, housing and job discrimination, suicidal tendencies, and more[1]. This workshop specifically addresses how to integrate transgender members into a larger community, including appropriate language and definitions, respectful interactions, creating systems of support for transgender individuals, and beyond.


Mental Health and Trans Issues

This workshop is targeted at future social workers, therapists, psychologists, and others mental health professionals. Regardless of specialization or field, all mental health professionals should be armed with the tools they need to work with transgender, transsexual, or gender questioning individuals, as treating trans patients and clients with respect and adequate care is something every mental health professional should know how to do. This workshop is full of shared personal experiences and lessons, and provides ample time for questions and discussion.


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Note: All workshops run approximately one hour, but can be configured for more or less time.

[1] –  Injustice at Every Turn –