Trans Form ­

An exploration of Rebecca’s life as a transgender woman through a chronological storytelling journey. This production offers an overview of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as a transgender woman. In addition, Trans Form covers the definitions of common terms, presented in an engaging and entertaining format.


Uncovering the Mirrors ­

This piece travels from Rebecca’s first explorations of gender at six years old, naked and uncomfortable in her body, to the Bar Mitzvah that gendered her as a “man,” from the hormones coursing through her blood, to a future as fragile as glass. Uncovering the Mirrors confronts the gender policing we all experience in our day to day lives, and asks how to live with regrets, push beyond mistakes, and look in the mirror each morning without flinching. NOTE: This show requires video projection and audio cues.


No Gender Left Behind ­

In the Fall of 2010, Rebecca Kling was fired from a teaching position for being a transgender woman. The experience left her wondering what America is teaching its children – and its adults – about gender, conformity, and being just a little bit different. NOTE: This show contains a scene in which Rebecca is topless. If necessary, this scene can be altered to remove any nudity.


Storms Beneath Her Skin ­

The person standing next to you, are they a boy or a girl? What about you? Are you a boy or a girl? You can only pick one, obviously, and you had better get it right. Throughout 2012, I asked myself what my gender meant to me, and whether I wanted to surgically alter my body to bring my body and my gender more in line. This show is about that decision making process, as well as apologies, the equations of sex, the weather (metaphorically speaking), boobs, and more.


Get Ready for the Vagina Fairy

Life as a transgender woman can be hilariously bizarre: oddball conversations, sex graphs, penis­scanning lasers and, of course, the Vagina Fairy. NOTE: This show contains full­body nudity. If necessary, the show can be altered to remove any nudity.


Something Something New Vagina ­

A solo performance about loving one’s self and one’s body. It’s also about a vagina: Rebecca Kling’s fancy new vagina. Kling was never one to call it clits and is ready to tackle issues of identity without ovary­acting. NOTE: This show contains full­body nudity. If necessary, the show can be altered to remove any nudity.

NOTE: All touring performances are structured as storytelling experiences, with minimal lighting, sound, costumes, or props. As such, they can structured to appear in dorm common rooms, multi­purpose classrooms, traditional theatre spaces, or whatever venue best fits your needs. Please contact Rebecca if you wish to discuss a more fully staged production of any of the below pieces. All performances run approximately one hour, but can be configured for more or less time.